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Leverage The Power Of Technology

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Is Technology Stops Your Success?

Let us work together & Conquer the FEAR of Technology.
Unleash Your Expertise with the help of Technology.
Future Proof Your Impact, Influence & Income
Scale & Sustain Your Business by leveraging the power of AI

Become A Technopreneur

The Journey

The Foundation

Spark your Technopreneur flame! Master the fundamentals, build your blueprint, and ignite your passion for building a tech-powered business

Startup Development Team

Learn Skills & Build You

You Will Learn & Implement

You will learn, implement all the skill, tools and strategies you need to launch, scale and sustain your business.  In this journey you will conquer the fear of technology.

Target Stands

Niche Clarity

Identify or Create Your Niche. Create product / services around it.

Designer's World

WMW Design

Lear and Create Webinar, Masterclasses, Workshops

Aerial View of Curved Road

Path Creation

Create Vision, Mission, Goals and Path for your journey

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Get Massive Content Creation Strategy to create and reach unlimited people

Business Conversation


Design your personal and business strategies, models.

Editing an Image

Video Editing

Learn to edit and create videos for your daily needs

Mobile Customer

 Review System

Setup your customer review system in Google and Trustpilot

Social network concept

Social Media

Setup your Social media FB, Youtube, Linkedin, IG etc


Email Marketing

Learn the potential of Email Marketing system and setup your system

Image by Austin Distel


Launch Your Podcast  and reach your audience

Lead presentations during meetings

Lead Generation

Learn 25+ ways to generated leads and build your biz.

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Content Creation

Digital Content Creations Using Canva

Virtual Team Meeting


Learn to design your courses and deliver them live or sell them as recorder courses

Social network concept

Right Platform

Choose Right Platforms for Your business

Image by Luke Lung

OBS - Course Creation

Learn Edited like Course Recording using OBS

Image by Mariia Shalabaieva

WhatsApp Business

Learn and Implement Whatsapp for Your Business

Going live

Live Streaming

Learn and Livestream in FB, Youtube, Linkedin and etc to reach your customers

Image by Malte Helmhold

Automated Webinar

Scale your Business using Automated Webinars

Image by Mariia Shalabaieva

Meta Business

Learn FB, IG, Groups, Pages to unleash the potential of Meta and grow your business



Build Linkedin Business Pages, Groups, Live streaming to develop B2B customer

Image by Sascha Bosshard

Google My Business

Setup Google My Business and Get Review from your customer. 

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Strategy Calls

Dedicated Group / Individual Strategy Calls to Achieve every stages of the journey

Going live

CRM Solution

CRM Solutions for Trainers, Coaches, Experts, SME Owners

Image by Wes Hicks

Clarity Calls

Clarity Calls to progress and build a sustainable business

What Our Participants Say

Manchal_EFT Coach_edited.jpg

Manchal Kalra, 
EFT Tapping & Emotional Mastery Coach

He is an amazing trainer for trainers and coaches who are stuck or struggling with the technical and administrative side of their coaching business! He simplifies everything so it's easy to understand for anyone with little to no experience of the technical know how of setting up things

Dr Hemant Patil.jpg

Dr. Hemant Patil, 
Abundance Coach

He's the most dedicated person i came across. He teaches so selflessly and with full intention to help you. I certainly recommend him to all. His knowledge is very deep in his domain. I'm very happy with all the services i got from him

Pasadika_Healer_Mindfulness Coach_2.jpg

Pasadika ,
Mindfulness Coach

The sessions led by Mahendran regarding technical knowledge are simple form but very effective and helpful to my journey to coach. The topic covered OBS, content writing, AI tools, video editing, and much more. His consultancy is amazing. He is not after money. He is always passionate and eager to teach. Thank You Sir.

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Become A Technopreneur

Customer Reviews

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Data Technology

> Everything in Gold +

> 1Year Access to Course

> All advanced courses 

One Year Access to Coaching
> 11 Hours Per Month

> 5 Session Per Month 

> Mobile App Access 

INR. 30000/-

Per Year

* Part Payment Option Available

Kindly Note
Membership covers courses, coaching, community access, Challenges, Completion Certification.
Coaching Access and Course Access Payment Options given below.
Courses And Coaching Sessions Available in English & Tamil


Choose Your Membership

Find the ONE suitable for YOU


    Perfect For Every Trainers, Coaches, Experts, Small Biz Owners in Launch Phase
    Valid for 12 months
    • Online Live Masterclass
    • Niche Clarity
    • Personal Strategy 
    • Path Creation
    • Zero Investment Strategy
    • Influence Building
    • Organic Lead Generation
    • Learn Video Editing
    • Learn Course Creation
    • Social Media Setup
    • FB Profile, FB Page, FB Group Setup
    • Youtube Channel Launch
    • Google Site - Website Creation [Free]
    • WordPress Web Site Creation [Free]
    • Course Creation Using OBS
    • Live Streaming Using OBS
    • Content Creation Using Canva
    • Time Management  Strategy - DWMY Model
    • Podcast Creation
    • Lead Magnet Creation
    • Email Marketing System

    Perfect For Trainers And Coaches in Growth Phase
    Valid for 12 months
    • Online Live Masterclass
    • Sustainability Session Access
    • Monthly 3 Session Access
    • 1 on 1 Strategy Call - 1 hour
    • Personal Strategy 
    • Path Creation
    • Niche Clarity
    • Organic Lead Generation
    • Email Marketing System Setup
    • Social Media Setup
    • FB Profile, FB Page, FB Group Setup
    • Youtube Channel Launch
    • Influence Building
    • Learn Video Editing
    • Learn Course Creation
    • Google Site  Creation [Free]
    • Domain, Hosting Strategies
    • Website Building & Management
    • Wordpress, Dorik, Wix Site Builders
    • Course Creation Using OBS
    • Live Streaming Using OBS
    • Content Creation Using Canva
    • FOSS - Free Open Source Software access
    • Time Management  - DWMY Model
    • Podcast Creation
    • Lead Magnet Creation
    • Zoom Meeting Advanced Features
    • Google Form Automation
    • AI Tools
    • Learning Management System (LMS)
    • All in one Solutions
  • Best Value


    Perfect For Every Trainers, Coaches, Experts, Small Biz Owners in Scaling Phase
    Valid for 12 months
    • Online Live Masterclasses
    • Access To Courses
    • Personal Strategy 
    • DWMY Model
    • Path Creation
    • Niche Clarity
    • Company Setup / GST Guidance
    • Learn Course Creation
    • Learn Video Editing
    • Influence Building
    • Organic Lead Generation
    • FB ADs Setup
    • Email Marketing Automation
    • LMS ? OR All in One Solution
    • Teachable Setup
    • Social Media Setup
    • FB Profile, FB Page, FB Group Setup
    • Youtube Channel Launch
    • Linkedin Groups, Pages Setup
    • Domain, Hosting Strategies
    • Website Building & Management
    • Google Site  Creation [Free]
    • CRM Setup for Free
    • Wordpress Website Building
    • Dorik, Wix Website Building
    • Zoom Advanced Features
    • Customer review system setup
    • Google My Business setup
    • Trustpilot review system setup
    • Course Creation Using OBS
    • Live Streaming Using OBS [ Youtube, FB]
    • Massive Content Creation Strategy
    • Podcast Creation
    • Professional Lead Magnet Creation
    • Free Course 3D Box Design [5]
    • Technical Review of System & Tools
    • AI Tools & Strategies
    • Funnel Design and optimization
    • Automated Webinar To Scale

What Our Participants Say

Sony Shewakramani_Coach.jpg

Sony Shewakramani

Life Alchemist

His approach is not just about teaching—it's about illuminating the path with patience and depth.  Mahendran doesn't just change businesses; he changes lives.

1 year into my journey with Mahendran and the transformation is beyond words. Mahendran is nothing short of a beacon of guidance in the realm of sustainable lifestyle coaching and online business building. As someone who once grappled with an overwhelming fear of technology and resistance to change, finding Mahendran was an absolute blessing.


His approach is not just about teaching—it's about illuminating the path with patience and depth. Despite my initial trepidation, his mentorship and support have transformed my understanding. What strikes me most is his unwavering commitment to offering an incredible depth of knowledge at an incredibly reasonable price point.

Mahendran doesn't just teach; he empowers. He fills the gaps, unravels complexities, and does so with a genuine passion that’s rarely seen. His dedication to utilizing open source methods makes his teachings accessible and revolutionary. I can confidently say that no one else in this industry offers the kind of invaluable, transformative value that Mahendran effortlessly provides. 

Thanks to him, I've not only conquered my tech fears but also embarked on a journey towards success that I never imagined possible. Mahendran doesn't just teach about sustainable lifestyle coaching or online business—he embodies it, infusing every lesson with heart and purpose.

This is my 2nd year with Mahendran, and the journey continues. Grateful doesn't begin to describe how I feel for having crossed paths with such an exceptional mentor and coach. Mahendran doesn't just change businesses; he changes lives.

- Sony Shewakramani

Thanks to God and Universe for showing Mahendran into my Life, this is my second year journey with Mahendran. 
I am fast observer and Implementor, but still I struck in many situation in technical side. He helped me lot to come out from that and his Consistency towards his Commitment is Excellent.  He deliver more than what he committed last year. Especially whenever we needs support he will be there.  Thanks to Mahendran for showing involvement in your student improvement, the same I implemented to my student as well and I am able to see developme
nt in my students .   I am highly recommended R.Mahendran for a Sustainable growth in life.

Balasubramaniam I - Holistic Life Coach

Balasubramaniam_Holistic Life Coach_2.jpg

Balasubramaniam I

Holistic Life Coach

Thanks to God and Universe for showing Mahendran into my Life, this is my second year journey with Mahendran

About R. Mahendran

(aka) Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran

I found myself as a volunteer for positive social change making.  

Electrical & Electronics Engineer by profession and "Wind Energy Expert"  Turned Sustainable Development Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Sound Engineer, Music Creator, Music Teacher, Youtuber, Volunteer for Positive Social Changes

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Data Processing

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Who is  Technopreneur?

A Technopreneur is someone who combines their expertise with technology to build a successful business / Product / Services. They leverage tech tools and platforms to reach a wider audience, automate tasks, and create innovative products and services.

2. I'm not tech-savvy, can I still become a Technopreneur?

Absolutely! Our program is designed for people of all tech levels. We offer beginner-friendly resources and step-by-step guidance to help you overcome any tech hurdles.


3. What kind of businesses can Technopreneurs build?

The possibilities are endless! You can build online courses, coaching programs, membership sites, subscription services, e-commerce stores, content creation platforms, and much more. We are focusing on the needs of Trainers, Coaches, Experts, Professionals, SME Owners.


4. What skills do I need to become a Technopreneur?

While technical skills are helpful, your passion, expertise, and desire to learn are the most important factors. We'll teach you the relevant tech skills along the way.

5. How much time and money does it take to become a Technopreneur?

The time and investment depend on your specific goals and skills. We offer different program options to fit your needs and budget.

6. What are the benefits of becoming a Technopreneur?

The benefits are numerous! You can gain autonomy, reach a global audience, scale your business easily, automate tasks, and create a profitable business around your passion.

7. How will your program help me become a Technopreneur?

Our program provides comprehensive training, resources, and support to help you:

  • Identify your niche

  • Develop your business model

  • Choose the right tech tools and platforms

  • Create and launch your product or service

  • Market and scale your business

8. Is there a community of Technopreneurs I can connect with?

Yes! We have a vibrant community of Technopreneurs from all walks of life who share their experiences, support each other, and offer valuable advice.

9. Can I try your program before I commit?

No! We offer no free trial. But you can join our Bronze membership to give you a taste of the program and see if it's the right fit for you.

10. I have more questions, how can I reach you?

You can contact us through our website, email, or live chat. We're always happy to answer your questions and help you on your Technopreneur journey.

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