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Technopreneur - AMA - Ask Me Anything Launched - Inviting you to Join

Hi Awesome People,

Let me thank all the Trainers, Coaches, Experts, Professionals, Teachers, SME owners and creators for the exchange of knowledge, experience and thoughts. Toady another very important day as we are launching AMA - Ask Me Anything specially for Trainers, Coaches, Experts, Professionals, Teachers, SME owners and creators.

Ask Me Anything with Mahendran R - For Trainers, Coaches, Experts, Professionals, Creators And SME Owners

Why Technopreneur - AMA with Mahendran ?

For the past 8+ years of my journey as Trainer and Coach, I came across many trainers, coaches, experts, professionals, creators, SME Owners, Teachers and Professors and your shared me your top challenges list as follow

  1. Technology Challenges

  2. Financial Challenge

  3. Time Management issues for part time trainers

  4. Choosing Right Platform for knowledge business

  5. How to utilize the tools and software ? (already with you)

  6. Niche Selection

  7. Consistency in taking action

  8. Lead Generation

  9. Revenue Generation

  10. Managing Energy State of Self etc.,

As I am also in the same journey i can understand your challenges, so I committed to share my knowledge, experience to those who in real need. With this background, designed Technopreneur AMA with Mahendran R. I am confident that it will help everyone in need. Here I listed what are the things we will FOCUS / cover during AMA - Ask Me Anything with Mahendran R.

Check the list below

What we will cover?

We will cover everything which is important for you to achieve

1. Your Sustainable Development 

2.Your Business Sustainable Development 

3. Skills you needed for achieving your Mission, Goals

You Will Get 👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍💼 option to get answer on following topics

  • Niche Clarity

  • Personal Strategy

  • Business Funnel Design

  • Design - Webinar, Masterclasses, Workshops

  • Massive Content Creation Strategy

  • Video Creation Mastery

    • Video Editing Tools / Software

  • Customer Review System Setup

    • Google My Business

    • Trustpilot

    • Other possibilities

  • Email Marketing System

    • Most Possible system in the market

  • Lead Generation System Setup

    • Multiple options

    • Zoom Meeting

    • Convertkit

  • Social Media Setup

    • Youtube

    • Facebook - Pages, Groups, Profiles

    • Linkedin - Pages, Groups, Profiles

  • Podcast Setup

  • Website building using Google Sites

  • Website Building Using Wordpress

  • Website Building using Wix

  • Course Design

  • Course Recording & Creation

    • Using Zoom

    • Using OBS

    • Using Clipchamp

  • Digital Content Creation using Canva

  • Live Streaming Skills

  • Email Marketing System

  • Choosing Right platform for your online business

  • AI for Business

  • AI for content creation

  • Whatsapp for Business

  • Automated Webinar System Setup

  • Google Products - Google Forms, Google Sheet

  • AI tools

  • etc.,

Of course I am open to learn continuously and share with you time to time.

Also You'll Get:-

1. Access to Community 2. Access to Technopreneur Micro Learning Series 3. Make it Reality - 2024 For You - 36 Live Progress Update by Me  4. Access to Mahe Tech Academy Mobile App

5. Sustainable Lifestyle Hub site membership Access

Now you might be interested to know, how to join the AMA session live?

How To Join?

Simple 3 step process helps you to join

  1. Click the link below and check the topic and next session date.

  2. Choose the language you are interested to join while registration

  3. Register and receive meeting access details via registered email

Link to Check details and Register for relevant Session

Fees Structure :

There is no fees for AMA - with Mahendran live masterclass. Your commitment to learn and take timely action is the fees for these sessions

Session Language:

Session available in both Tamil and English. So you can choose your session as per your convenient language and join the session

Can I contribute to AMA -With Mahendran Session?

Yes. You can contribute to this initiative . Fee free to contact me to make your contribution or use.

Can I share with my contacts?

Yes. You can share with your contacts and friends.

I strongly believe that knowledge and experience sharing will help the people to achieve the sustainable development in their personal, career, family and spiritual. This will contribute to the sustainable development of the world. Let us make it happen.

For Your Sustainable Development Journey, R. Mahendran


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