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Sustainable Development: Starts from You And Me

It's Possible For All: Welcome to the world of Sustainable Development

This is my first blog in Sustainable Lifestyle Hub. Many of you might be wondering, why I am talking about Sustainability? and Sustainable Development of Individual, Society and The World.

The reason is simple, my home town "Theni" surrounded by Hills , Rivers and everywhere the gifts of Nature and my parents lived a Sustainable Lifestyle in front of us.

It's looks so philosophical but the "Truth always remains simple".

My school life and college life also taught me the same.

My career in renewable energy sector i.e., Wind Energy Sector is not an accident like many say about their employment. I still remember my short poem written on Wind Turbine when I am standing in front of the Wind Turbine for Fitness Test.

Tea Estates top view in Western Ghats, India
Western Ghats , India

I committed to the Wind Turbine on that day, I'll ensure every day I contribute to the ultimate performance of you (Wind Turbine) as you are going to bring the light to everyone life without harming Nature resources Much. [ This is the simple translation of my Tamil Poem]

Today Me (Mahendran) And Enercon WTG Model