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RECONNECT For Wind Energy Professionals - Sustainable Career Growth

Hi Awesome Wind Energy Professionals / Mangers / Team Leaders,

Wind Energy Professionals in Discussion, RECONNECT ,
Wind Energy Professionals

We personally thank all the people who participated First RECONNECT Meetup on Jan 24 last month.

Congratulations to all of them for creating their Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals. We are confident that all the templates shared with you helped you in this process.

To start with RECONNECT meetup focus and help wind energy professionals to build and live sustainable life and helping to achieve Sustainable Career Growth in Renewable Energy Sector, specially in Wind Energy Sector.

The 2nd Editions of RECONNECT Meetup scheduled on 23 Feb 24 - 7.30pm

Let us meet and create successful, sustainable career growth for you, build sustainable development in your life.

Let us invite all the committed wind energy professionals Join RECONNECT Zoom meeting as per the schedule and create the life, career growth you want.

Please note it's ONLY FOR COMMITTED WIND ENERGY PROFESSIONALS - others can skip this

Link to Register and Join (FREE)

After registration you will get free access to our Wind Energy professionals community (Who already part of RECONNECT)

Whenever you want to login, check meeting details and chat use following link

And login using your registered email id or mobile number.

Welcome on board.

Mahe Tech Academy Android Mobile App
Mahe Tech Academy - Android Mobile App

You can access Mahe Tech Academy Mobile app and get latest update about the programs

Free Mobile APP access to you (Android)

Share with wind energy professionals who really need support and committed.

For Your Sustainable Development Journey,

R. Mahendran

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