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Learn Facebook Livestreaming for Free

Hi Awesome People,

Welcome to Sustainable Lifestyle Hub. I knew many of you want to transfer their knowledge, experience, product and services with your audience, viewers, customers.

My own experience says that "Learning Livestreaming Skills" help us in our mission to reach our customer, audience, viewers to build your brand, add values to them and sell your product / services.

By keeping your requirements in mind, i designed this free live masterclass.

Happy to welcome you to invite to  learn

📱💻🖥️FB Live Streaming using OBS - Free Live Masterclass

Inviting you to join "AMA with Mahendran" - Live Masterclass on "FB Live Streaming Using OBS"

Trainers, Coaches, Experts, SME Owners, Creators and people who like to do livestreaming join this free live masterclass

What you will learn?

Everything you need to know to do customized livestreaming in facebook

✅Introduction to Livestreaming 


✅Tools - How to download?, Verify, Install

✅How to Do customized livestreaming in FB?

✅How to repurpose livestreaming content?

✅Templates and many more

Here is the link to learn more and register

Date ⏰⏰

17 July 24 - 11am Wednesday in Tamil 

18 July 24 - 11am Thursday in English

To know more ( in English ) watch below video

To Know More (in Tamil) watch below video

See you inside the free live masterclass.

Feel free to share with your friends and contacts.

For your sustainable development journey,

R. Mahendran

I Learn to

  • Share My Knowledge

  • Improve my technical skills

  • Develop my business

  • Share my experience


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