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Fitness Challenge - 365th Day Celebration

Hi Awesome People,

Today is very important day in my life as i am successfully completing my 365th day of fitness challenge.

At this very moment, let me thank each and every one of you for your continuous support and love throughout this journey.

In one perspective, 365 Days of Consistency is looks very much impossible. But if we look into our life, we are doing many things in our life every single day, every single minutes without any external motivation. So I believe everyone can develop the consistency in anything they want to accomplish.

Specially I would like to thank my younger sister R. Buvaneswari for introducing 99 Days Fitness Challenge a year ago. We together started 99 Days fitness challenge last October 20th. But when we are nearing 2023, I converted that as a 365 Days Challenge.

Also I created the Health Goal and simple road map for 2023. Yes! 200000 Rope skipping was set as main fitness activity goal, daily goal set as 550 rope skipping. But following graph shows you what I done daily basis.

I started with daily 500 in the month of January, but slowly increased to 600, 650, 750, 850, 900, 1000, 1500 and 1700+ month on month. This helped me to achieve 200000 target well in advance. Also helped me to set new target as 300000.

Now I am progressing in that journey with all your love and support.

As part of 365th day celebration I done 2026 skipping in 20 minutes and the same livestreamed in my youtube channel, below is the link to watch the same.

My sister's gift on 365th Day for my consistency [A home made cake]

Thank you for your love and support. My special thanks to everyone expressing their love and support through personal and social media messages.

Next Mission

I am not stopped there, I created a dedicated program to support the people to build their healthy lifestyle and name it Holistic Healthy Family. As of now this session available only in Tamizh language, very soon it might be extended to English also.

If you are from Tamil Nadu or you can understand Tamizh, if you want accountability partner to build your healthy lifestyle you can join the Holistic Healthy Family program.

I want to contribute minimum 100s of families, if you want to join the journey use the below link

See you all in my next update.

To learn more about United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

For Your Sustainable Development Journey,

R. Mahendran (a) Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran



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