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August 2023 Training Schedule for Trainers And Coaches

This month we are going to cover following topics as scheduled

Inner Circle Call - Tamizh Session

Day Date Timing You Learn / Implement

Mon 07-Aug-23 7:30 PM Pod Cast Creation & Audio Editing Software

Mon 14-Aug-23 7:30 PM Holiday

Mon 21-Aug-23 7:30 PM Idea Generation Techniques / Tools

Mon 28-Aug-23 7:30 PM Video Editing - Part 01

Inner Circle Call - English Session

Tuesday 01-Aug-23 11:00 AM Pod Cast Creation & Audio Editing Software

Tuesday 08-Aug-23 11:00 AM Audio Editing Software - Audacity

Tuesday 15-Aug-23 11:00 AM Holiday - Independence Day - Indian Union

Tuesday 22-Aug-23 11:00 AM Idea Generation Techniques / Tools

Tuesday 29-Aug-23 11:00 AM Video Editing - Part 01

3i 90 Days Challenge

Wed 02-Aug-23 7:30 PM Course Creation Using OBS

Wed 09-Aug-23 7:30 PM Facebook Page, Profile, Groups - Review

Wed 16-Aug-23 7:30 PM Youtube Live Streaming

Wed 23-Aug-23 7:30 PM All in one platforms for Trainers and Coaches

Wed 30-Aug-23 7:30 PM Priority Questions

3i 90 Days Challenge also opened to all trainers and coaches, if you like to join use below Book Now option and join.

Sustainable Leaders Mastermind [ Diamond Members]

Fri 04-Aug-23 11:00 AM Podcast creation & Audio Editing software review

Fri 11-Aug-23 11:00 AM Idea Generation Techniques / Tools - Review

Fri 18-Aug-23 11:00 AM Holiday

Fri 25-Aug-23 11:00 AM Idea Generation Techniques / Tools - Review

See you all inside the session

Feel free to share with your friends and fellow coaches and trainers.

For Your Sustainable Development Journey, R. Mahendran

P.S. If you like to join any specific session or membership use the Book Now option below.


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