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2000 Rope Skipping in 20 min??

Hi Awesome People,

I am really happy to see you all with very important update on my fitness challenge, specially on my 3 Lakhs Skipping Challenge.

As you knew this challenge is taken to support UNSDG 03.

Few Stats will give you clarity about the progress

  1. September was the amazing month in term of total rope skipping recorded during any single month. Yes, I recorded 46800 in 30 Days.

  2. Daily average skipping reached the peak of 1560.

  3. Following graph also updated till 12 Oct 23, shows the trend of every month. This one graph is real inspiration for me to do more.

Inviting You To Join Live

Thank you for your support and love, coming 21-Oct-23, I am crossing my 365th day of fitness challenge. As part of this 365 Days Consistency Celebration, i am hosting youtube live and will be doing 2000 rope skipping in 20min, let me invite you to join this live and share your experience.

Here is the link to event - 2000 Rope Skipping in 20min

Thank you once again for your support and love.

For Your Sustainable Development Journey, R. Mahendran


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