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250000 Milestone Achieved in 287 Days

Hi Awesome People,

So excited to share with you this new achievement of reaching 250000 Lakhs milestone in my 3 Lakhs skipping challenge.

As you knew, I launched 2 Lakhs skipping challenge for 2023 on 1st Jan 23 as part of my fitness challenge.

This one chart shows you my journey from Day 01 to till today.

On this special day i done 1750 skipping in 15min. 1750 is my best in 15min till today.

Fitness Challenge 365th Day Celebration

One more good news to all of you, i will be reaching my 365th day of my fitness challenge on 21st Oct 23.

To celebrate that achievement i am planning to to 2000 rope skipping on that day also i will be live streaming on that day. Here is the link to join me at 7am (IST)

What you do for your health? What you do for your family health? How do you contribute to the healthy world?

Learn more about United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specially UNSDG 03 here

See you soon with more updates on my fitness challenge. Meantime Feel free to share your own fitness related activities' experience in comment

For Your Sustainable Development Journey,

R. Mahendran (a) Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran

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