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Power Curve Assessment And Reporting


7,500 INR


5 Sessions

About the Course

Hi Wind Energy Professionals And Reporting,

Welcome to Power Curve Assessment & Reporting Online program.

What You'll Learn and Implement:

Session 01 :

Turbine Performance Assessment Basics

Power Curve Basics

Plot Your First Power Curve

Case Study -01

Session 02 :

Power Curve Assessment - Quality Check & Filter Design and IEC Requirement

Visual Quality Check

Understand the influencing parameters

Case Study -02

Session 03 :

Advanced Excel - Tables, Pivot Table, Pivot Graph - Power Curve Assessment

Building Your First Dashboard

Build Binned Power Curves

Power Queries

Case Study -03

Session 04 :

IEC Standard - 61400-12-1 & Power Curve Assessment

Site Selection for IEC PC Measurement

Create use cases - Based on New Learnings

Case Study -04

Session 05 :

Power Curve Assessment Reporting and IEC Recommendations

Your Final Dashboard for Your Power Assessment Reporting

Case Study - Review

QA Session

Participation Certification

Session Duration : Each session will be Approx 90 min

Prerequisite : Your own Laptop (with Charger) , Microsoft Excel , Experience in Wind Energy - 1 month to any number of years, Interst to learn and implement

Important Date : 06, 13, 20, 27 July 2023 - Every Thursday 8 pm - 5 Session in 4 Weeks

Sample Power Curves

Your Instructor

Mahendran R

He is a qualified Electrical & Electronics Engineer , Certified Trainer, Sound Engineer and "Wind Energy Expert" by profession. Turned in to Sustainable Development Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Sound Engineer, Music Creator, Music Teacher, Youtuber, Volunteer for Positive Social Changes.

His 22 years of experience which includes 14 years of Wind Energy Sector Experience, 8 Years of Training and Coaching Experience.

Founder of Resource Development & Research Center, Sustainable Lifestyle Hub.

Now he is on the mission to help working professionals to identify and attract their dream jobs,
Build their sustainable Career Growth,
Live Sustainable Life.

To Help the trainers, coaches and experts to launch their online training and coaching business.

To help working professionals to learn music and help them to heal through music creation.

Mahendran R
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