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Lead Generation And Management System Setup Tamizh

  • 5Weeks
  • 12Steps
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Hi Awesome Trainers / Coaches / Experts / SME Owners, In this program you'll learn everything you need 1. To Create Content 2. To Create Lead Magnet 3. To Setup Lead Generation system 4. To Nurture Leads 5. To setup Lead Management System Setup Language of Instruction : Tamizh / English We will cover 1. Introduction to LGAMSS 2. Lead Magnets 3. Tools and Tasks 4. Convertkit free account creation 5. Newsletter based lead generation system setup 6. Minicourse based lead generation system setup 7. Email Template Creation 8. Bulk Email Upload 9. Email Campaign Scheduling 10. Landing Page for various use cases 11. AI Tools for content creation 12. Clipchamp for Video, Audio creation 13. Lead Magnet design using Canva 14. How to use Google drive to share lead Magnet 15. Automating landing pages with free convertkit account Your Sustainable Development Coach, R. Mahendran

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