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Our Services

Our mission is to help you learn about sustainable living and build a sustainable lifestyle that benefits both you and the world around you. We offer a range of Training & Coaching services that can help you achieve this goal, including:
1. Sustainable Lifestyle Design For Families

2. Sustainable Career Growth For Engineering Professionals, specially Wind Energy Professionals

3. Sustainable Online Training And Coaching Business Building 

4. Free And Open Source Software & Tools Training For Sustainable Development

5. Music Creation Training for Working Professionals & Women 

6. Dedicated Training Modules for Wind Energy Experts & Professionals

7. 1-on-1 Clarity Call for Wind Energy Professionals/Job Seekers
8. Dedicated Challenges for Better Health, Wealth, Innerpeace, Relationship, Career, and Music

9. Learn and Implement SDG in your day to day life and contribute to our Country's progress in SDG implementation.

Hi Sustainable Leaders

My name is R. Mahendran (aka)

Karuveli RaSa Mahendran

I found myself as a volunteer for positive social change making.  

Electrical & Electronics Engineer by profession and "Wind Energy Expert"  Turned Sustainable Development Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Sound Engineer, Music Creator, Music Teacher, Youtuber, Volunteer for Positive Social Changes

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